Universal Oil Reserve Inc. Visits BIC

Mr. Shaker A. Shabeeb Al-Musawi, BIC chairman received on July, 8 Wednesday 2009 in his office in Baghdad governorate headquarter a delegation represented (Universal Oil Reserve Inc.)that specialized in oil investment.

BIC chairman discussed with (Dr. ABD AL-SALAAM)and (Dr. Mehaa AL-Mesari) much matters of environment and oil sectors.

(Dr. Abd-alsalaam) has raised group of ideas and projects that the company intends to establish in Baghdad the most important project was oil refinery with a capacity (1 million barrel per year).

He also raised other projects like those that re-refining oil wastes and garbage recycle in modern technology and how to turn the garbage into good fertilizer.

On his side, BIC chairman showed to the delegation Baghdad needs in this sector saying "Baghdad needs oil refinery in modern technology where Aldora refinery is not sufficient and it needs modern technology " he also promised to present all facilities of the presenting projects to make these projects a successful.