A Deligation Represents a Swedish Companies Visits BIC

Mr. Shaker Almusawi BIC chairman received a Swedish delegation including three companies which was (Norlink) , (Jc) and (Taaleq Al emaar).

BIC chairman confirmed the importance of investment in the country because of the existing of both the investment climate and opportunities.

He also concentrates on the importance of joint ventures in investment between local and foreign companies the matter that adds privileges for investor and the importance development of investment in Iraq.

The chairman showed investment opportunity, a land in zayona area, to establish trade compound on it. Mr. (Ramzi Alshimary) manager director of talaaq Alemaar company welcomed this offer telling that his company is ready to implement the project. “ There are also many opportunities some of them regarding the development of some areas in Baghdad and someone can know them through our investment map that are prepared in our commission” the chairman concluded.