BIC President's Word

Iraq is characterized with the abundance of riches, raw materials and geographical position, besides the human resources energy, including academic cadres and skilled workers. Therefore, Iraq is considered one of the most significant countries that attract investments and polarize capitals, especially following the issue of the Investment Act no. 13 for the year 2006, which granted equal assurances and privileges to the Iraqi, Arab and foreign investors.

To investors, Baghdad is the most attractive governorate, being an advanced cultural center and dense in population that goes up to seven million. This governorate, however, is in bad need for investments in all sectors covering housing, trade, industry, agriculture, tourism and other sectors.

Baghdad Investment Commission welcomes Iraqi, Arab and foreign investors and is fully prepared to cooperate in meeting all the requirements of investors including allocation of lands, facilitating procedures required for the execution of prospected projects, success of investors' efforts; all of which shall be in compliance with the articles of the Act to ensure the preservation of the investor's rights and the protection of their investment projects.

Shaker A. Shibeeb
BIC Chairman