The Turkish Company Holden Group Visits Baghdad Investment Commission

BIC has received a delegation that presents seven Turkish companies, Holden Group, which is specialized in the field of investment: housing, educational, touristic and technological sectors. These companies have more than 24 branches in the Arabian Gulf countries and Europe as well. Mr. Shaker Aziz Shibeeb, BIC Chairman, presents a detailed explanation about the investment procedures according to the investment law No. 13 for the year 2006. Mr. Chairman also informs the visitor delegation about a group of investment opportunities in housing sector for the later occupies the priority in the Commission work because of the bad need to solve the housing crisis in Baghdad. On their turn, the deligation explain to the commission the possibility of bringing investors from other countries which have investment branches in the suitable sectors after making consultative studies on the investment opportunities presented by the commission. The deligation express thier desire for investment by establishing whole housing compounds which contain full-needed services. Mr. Ali Al- Attar, the chairman of Reconstruction Office in Baghdad Provincial Council, was also attended.