Baghdad Investment Commission Opens the First Investment Project In the Province

With the attendance of Mr. Shaker Aziz. BIC Chairman, and Dr. Mohammed Al- Shimery, Governor deputy, BIC has opened the first investment project in the province. A completed and modern market center, which was implemented by the Iraqi company (Saqer Al-Sharq), has been established. This highly specified marketing center includes stores for fruits, vegetables, meats, oils and manufactured foods.imageThe stores provide a strategic storage which will contribute in supplying a great deal of market needs, beside it will help organizing the flow of fruits, vegetables, and foods from and to markets. The marketing center also contains refrigerated stores, marketing shows, wrapping, selling and arranging meats and fruits. It also includes products lines for preparing fruits, vegetables, and meats, beside packaging and bakeries for pastry production. The marketing center includes a hotel and a public cafeteria in addition to a branch of Al-Shimal Investment Bank, a garage and 50 offices to sell animals and food products. The project is constructed Al-Rasheed Alwa in Al-Dowra area on a land that measures 25500 M2 at an estimated coast 21 million dollars during less than 7 months. It is worth mentioning here that the project supplies more than 5,000 work opportunities because BIC focuses on granting investment licenses to the projects that depend on workers to put an end to the unemployment, among of them this one for which BIC has previously granted an investment license.